We are excited to kick off a new school year tomorrow and wanted to share with you details that will help Day 1 (and each subsequent day) go as smoothly as possible.  What follows is a bulleted list of items for families to go over with their young people in preparation for tomorrow.

  • On Day 1 all 1st period teachers will go over a Student Handbook with their students.  However, we strongly recommend all families review these slides to learn about expectations, procedures, rules, and practices.  This will help you make decisions related to topics like the Dress Code and Electronic Devices.  It will also help you avoid unnecessary pitfalls that could get in the way of you having a successful year.
  • The front doors to the school open at 7:00.  The tardy bell rings at 7:55. Please plan accordingly as you start your day.
  • All students stay downstairs until 7:30.  At 7:30, a bell rings releasing students to go upstairs if they so desire.
  • The only door through which students may enter the building before school and during the school day is the front door closest to the Attendance Office.
  • Riding the school bus continues to be the safest means of transportation to and from school.  Here is a list of the morning bus routes from our division’s website.
  • If you choose to drive your child to school, please keep in mind that traffic in front of SHS gets very congested in the morning and can even cause a student to be tardy.  Here is a video that shows how to drop off students, and below are a few pointers:
    • If you come through the back gate on Goodwin, please pull to the curb, drop your child off by the playground, and have them walk down the front sidewalk to the front doors.  This prevents you from having to navigate the traffic in front of the school.
    • If you come in from Spartan Drive and, therefore, loop in front of the school, please drop your child off as soon as your vehicle comes to a natural stop.  In other words, please do not wait until you are in front of the main entrance to have your child exit the vehicle. If every driver has their passenger(s) exit the vehicle at whatever point the car comes to a stop – rather than wait until they are in front of the main entrance – it greatly speeds up the process.
    • Remember that the right lane in front of the school is the drop off lane.  Do not drop off students from the left lane. Once your car has come to a natural stop and you have dropped off your child, please pull into the left lane to drive back to Spartan Drive.
    • Students may not be dropped off or picked up in the front Visitor or Senior parking lots.
  • Schedules were being updated throughout last week.  The schedule you will find on the ParentPortal is up-to-date.  It’s quite possible that the paper schedule you received is no longer accurate.  Before arriving on Tuesday morning, we recommend you check the ParentPortal.  However, when you get to school there will be an alphabetical listing of students and 1st period room numbers posted outside the Counseling Office.  Please check this list so you’ll know where to go for 1st period. In 1st period you will receive an updated paper copy of your schedule.
  • If you have not yet updated or verified your demographics through the ParentPortal, please be sure to do this even if nothing has changed.  This will prevent us from having to send home a paper copy of an emergency card via your student for you to fill out and return.
  • If you missed the Freshman and New Student Orientation Night last week, here are the slides that were shared.
  • SHS does not publish a Supply List ahead of time.  We recommend students showing up on Day 1 with something to write with and some sort of notebook.  Individual teachers will then discuss needed supplies.

Once again, we are excited to start a new school year with your young person.  Please let us know if there is anything we can do to support you during this school year.