Dear Class of 2020 Students and Families,

This contains important information, as well as some updates, about this year’s two ceremonies..

Corporate Graduation Ceremony – June 12, 2:00 pm

Accessing the Ceremony
The ceremony will be accessed via our school’s YouTube channel as a YouTube Live event.

Ceremony Start and End Times

  • The event will begin at 2:00 pm.

  • Our best guess is the ceremony will end around 3:15.

Graduation Caps

  • We encourage students to wear their graduation caps while watching the ceremony so they can participate in moving their tassels once they are declared graduates.

Individual Graduation Ceremony – June 13 – 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Appointed Times for Individual Graduation Ceremony
In order to decrease the number of cars arriving at the same time and reduce the time graduates and their families wait, the following times are an adjustment from our original communications:

1.  10:00-11:00 Ahlers – Bradshaw

2.  11:00-12:00 Brauch – Crawley

3.  12:00-1:00 Cross – Gonzalez

4.  1:00-2:00 Grepiotis – Jones

5.  2:00-3:00 Kelley – Murphy

6.  3:00-4:00 Musgrove – Robertson

7.  4:00-5:00 Robinson – Stallard

8.  5:00-6:00 Staples – Wright

Students will not be graduating in alphabetical order.  The assigned times simply designate the hour when the student should show up.  Students will participate in the ceremony in whatever order they arrive within their allotted hour.

Students attending at their appointed time is essential for this event to run smoothly for everyone.  We know there will be some unavoidable conflicts.  If you have an unavoidable conflict and need to attend at a different time, please call our Main Office to inform us of the time your situation.

Student Dress for Graduation

  • Graduates are encouraged to wear caps, gowns, and regalia; however, unlike most years, they will not be required to do so.

  • If students choose not to wear a cap and gown, they should dress professionally.

  • Hint for wearing a graduation cap: Caps are meant to be worn parallel to the ground.

  • Graduates are encouraged to appropriately decorate their caps.

Processional: Entrance

  • Graduates and their families will enter the Salem Stadium Parking lot from Texas Street.

  • The queue will go from Texas Street across the parking lot to Memorial Park and then turn right toward the Civic Center Annex.

  • Please follow directions from any parking attendants.

  • We encourage families to decorate cars festively.

  • A paper copy of the graduate’s name will be mailed home along with finalized instructions for both the June 12 and June 13 ceremonies.  Please place the graduate’s name facing out in the driver’s side front windshield.

  • Near the Annex, a staff member will come to the driver’s side window to provide instructions for entering the Annex.

  • All family members must remain in the car during the processional and graduation to comply with social distancing expectations.

Graduation: Inside the Annex

  • A staff member will meet your car to give directions to the graduate.

  • Families will remain in the car and the graduating senior, only, will exit the car.

  • Cones will mark where each car should stop so individuals in the car will be properly positioned to take their own photographs of the graduate at each station.

  • The senior will go to Picture Station 1.

  • The senior will walk up the steps to the stage, cross the stage, and be handed their diploma.

  • The senior will go to Picture Station 2.

  • While the senior is graduating, staff will approach the car from the passenger side:

    • To collect any items not have already turned in.  (Chromebook, charger, textbooks, library books, etc)

    • To distribute a graduation gift from the school

  • The senior will then get back into the vehicle, and the vehicle will exit the annex and head toward the front of the Civic Center.

  • In order for this process to run smoothly and efficiently for all 285 members of the class, we will have 3 graduates and their vehicles inside the Annex at all times.  Therefore, we are asking families to bring 1 car per graduate.  More than that would not fit well in the Annex and could cause delays.

Recessional: In Front of the Civic Center

  • Weather permitting, there will be a photographer set up at Picture Station 3 in front of the Civic Center.  Families may get out of their cars to have pictures taken together.

  • The City of Salem LOVE sign will be in front of the Civic Center.  Families may get out of their cars to take pictures here while still following social distancing guidelines

  • We understand there will be a natural desire to congregate outside with family and friends.  While this is permissible, we must also abide by the legal limitations regarding the size of gatherings and assure proper social distancing guidelines are followed.

Picking Up Graduation Regalia – June 8/9 – 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm

  • Many graduates will be issued regalia to wear during the June 13 ceremony.  This includes NHS stoles, honor society cords, and other items representing various clubs and accomplishments.

  • A regalia pickup station will be located in front of the school from 12:00-4:00 on both June 8 and June 9. Students and club/organization sponsors should communicate with one another prior to June 8/9 about what regalia the student should expect to pick up.

  • Families will drive up to the station and a staff member will meet you at your car window to hand you the items your sponsor has said you should receive.  No one will need to exit their car to collect their graduation regalia.

Senior Chromebook Collection – June 8/9 – 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm

  • A Chromebook drop off station will be located in front of the school from 12:00-4:00 on both June 8 and June 9. Families will drive up to the station and a staff member will approach the car to collect the Chromebook and charger.  No one will need to exit their car to drop off their Chromebook and charger.

  • Seniors who have not completed school work required for graduation should keep their Chromebook and charger and return them at a later date.

  • Seniors must turn in Chromebooks and chargers, or pay to have them replaced, before receiving a diploma. Lost Chromebooks and/or chargers, may be paid for during those times.  The fee to replace a lost Chromebook is $115, and the fee to replace a lost charger is $25.

This is definitely a lot of information, and we’re sure there will be items that need clarification.  Please call us during our business hours of 9:00 – 2:00 pm to ask questions or to let us know if your family has any special circumstances.

You are loved and appreciated,

Scott Habeeb