Dear Spartan Family,

Salem High School is entrusted with one of the most important duties in our society—preparing young people as they move into adulthood. Some times are easier than others.

Recent events in our nation are no doubt troubling for many of our students, to say the least. Just this year, they have had to face the unwanted reality of a global pandemic and a sudden shift to distance learning. As a result of the pandemic, many families have encountered financial hardships.

Now our nation has entered a time of social unrest.  The killing of George Floyd sparked protests across the nation, the globe, and here at home. Many of our students, friends, and neighbors have engaged in their First Amendment right to peacefully protest.

Despite the remote reality we live in right now, Salem High School’s teachers, administrators, and counselors are here to help students navigate these difficult times and troubled waters.

Salem High School knows systematic inequality has negatively impacted the lives of many of our students. We know for our students to face these challenges, we all must adapt and grow. In recent years, our staff and administration have sought out professional development on equity in education and the impact of implicit bias, and training on trauma-informed teaching. In ways we could not have predicted, we will face the challenge of the coming years by building on our goal of being the best school for all students, continuing to grow as professionals, and redoubling our commitment to our community.

Our mission will always remain the same: Love. Engage. Inspire.

We love our students, each and every one.

We strive to engage with them, each and every day.

We yearn to inspire them to not only be the best they can be, but to also positively impact their world.

Just because we are not meeting in person doesn’t mean we are not still serving the roles we always have.

We miss all our students. We appreciate the opportunities we receive to help them have their voices heard, navigate life’s tragedies, and, most importantly, spread kindness. There is kindness in this world, but it could always use more.

If any of our students believe our school could be of assistance to them during this time, please know we are only a phone call away.