Dear Spartan Seniors,

The Class of 2020 may have missed out on Prom and After Prom, but there’s no reason you can’t still get great After Prom Prizes!!!

The SHS PTSA and the Salem community have gathered tons of great prizes, and if you’re a member of the SHS Class of 2020, you are eligible to win one!  That’s right – this year ONLY seniors will be able to win prizes, and we even have enough prizes to make sure each senior wins something!

Here’s how it works: Each senior is allowed a TOTAL OF 10 opportunities to put their “name in the hat.”  Be strategic. If you really really want something, you could put all 10 of your chances on that item. Or you could put 1 chance in on 10 different items. The more chances you enter on a single item, the greater your chance is of winning that particular item.

From a Salem Schools login only, follow this link:  This will take you to a list of prizes.

No cheating – you can’t enter more than a total of 10 times. Simply click on the drop down menu next to the item you want and choose the number to correspond with the number of chances you want to enter. If all your chances entered equals more than 10, we will have to discount some of your chances. So do your Math well! 🙂

This will only work from a Salem Schools Login, and this form will be cut off at 10:00 am on Friday, June 5. Get your entries in before then, and good luck!

You are loved and appreciated,

Scott Habeeb