Spartan Families,

Throughout the school year, we will regularly evaluate our processes and procedures to make sure we are operating as effectively as possible.  When we find an opportunity to improve, we will notify you of any relevant changes.

We have decided to change our faculty’s Wednesday work schedule to provide them with greater flexibility to meet the needs of students who are working online.  The new Wednesday schedule continues to be designed in a similar fashion as the Spring 2020 schedule with blocks of time designated for specific purposes to prevent conflicts.  This new schedule, however, dedicates some of those blocks of time per class period, rather than per subject area.

The expectations for the new schedule remain the same.  Our online instructional model remains asynchronous, and this is not a new required synchronous schedule.  Teachers do not have to schedule anything on Wednesdays and, in general, activities scheduled on a Wednesday would not be required for students to attend.  However, for times when special groups sessions, office hours, remediation, tutoring, club meetings, or class gatherings are appropriate, this schedule will be used.

Teachers and students are not limited by this schedule.  If groups wish to meet beyond these times, that could be appropriate.  However, this schedule prevents students from being disadvantaged by resources scheduled in a manner that conflicts with other classes.

The new Wednesday schedule is structured as follows:


Start of Teacher Workday


Reserved for Faculty Meetings


Reserved for Teacher Collaboration & Phone Calls to students


Reserved for Alternating Club A/B Days


Reserved for 1st period needs


Reserved for 2nd period needs


Reserved for 3rd period needs


Reserved for 4th period needs


Reserved for 5th period needs


Reserved for 6th period needs


Reserved for 7th period needs

We hope this change will provide additional teacher flexibility which will, in turn, benefit students.

Thank you for your patience as we continue to develop the best possible ways to serve the young people of Salem during an unprecedented period of time.


Scott Habeeb