Parent Teacher Conferences this Thursday


Dear Spartan Families,

Progress reports were mailed home to all students.  These progress reports will show students’ overall grades as of Wednesday, November 4.  Hybrid students will also received “Category Reports” from all teachers that, beyond just the overall grade, show individual areas of strength and weakness.  That information is available to all students and parents in real-time via the Parent Portal.

On Thursday, November 12, from 12:00-7:00 we will have Parent Teacher Conferences via Zoom and phone calls.  All parents are welcome to sign up for conferences, but our primary hope is that our teachers will be able to meet with the parents of students who are struggling academically.

Please visit the following link to sign up for conferences:

Our conferences this year will be held via Zoom and phone calls.  When you visit the above link, which is also available on our website, you will find instructions on how to sign up.  All you need to do is click on the appropriate teacher’s name and choose a convenient time from that teacher’s appointment list.

To sign up for conferences you will need to have a Gmail account.  You can either use your personal account, go to to create a free one, or click on the conference sign up link from your child’s school-issued Chromebook.

I realize how disconcerting it can be if your child is struggling academically, especially during the difficult period of time we are all enduring.  To that end, it’s important for families to remember the following:

    Grades on progress reports are not final grades.  They are not stored permanently, do not appear on transcripts, and are not averaged together with other grades.  The only grade that matters at SHS is the final grade.
    The grade you see on the progress report is only an overall grade.  If you visit the Parent Portal you can see a more detailed view of how the student is doing.  Click on a course grade, and then look at the category scores.  This will show you where your child has shown strength and where they have room for improvement.
    By looking at the list of assignments in PowerSchool, you will be able to see which specific assignments your child might need to do or redo.
    Encourage your child to schedule a time to talk to his/her teacher to find out how they can better learn the content and demonstrate that learning for the teacher.
    If your child is struggling or if you have specific questions, please schedule a conference.  Our teachers would love the opportunity to talk with you about how your child can better master the content and skills they’re teaching.

We love your child.  Our goal is to guide them through this difficult time and find academic success.  Please view this message as an attempt to communicate that desire and as a request to partner with you in that endeavor.

You are loved and appreciated,
Scott Habeeb