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As part of our response to the Governor’s Declaration of Emergency, SHS’s office hours have been modified to 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM daily.  With large numbers of staff working regular hours, but from remote locations, we urge you to contact our faculty and obtain information by electronic means.  A list of faculty websites and emails is located HERE.  We appreciate your patience during this challenging period of time, and we look forward to continuing to Love, Engage, and Inspire our Spartans through the remainder of the school year.

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Students – should your Chromebook break or have a problem, please call the Salem City Schools Tech Hotline at 444-0838 for help.

Dear Spartan Families,

What an unusual situation we find ourselves in. I doubt any of us ever envisioned a scenario like this.  

That being said, I am confident Salem teachers are going to do amazing things on behalf of your young people in the weeks ahead.  This collective group of educators is the most student-centered, loving, and talented group of people I have ever met. I am honored to call them friends, and blessed to have them educating my own children.

It’s important that Spartan families are kept up-to-date on what’s going on in the school.  Always reach out to us with questions you may have.  You can reach the Main Office by phone at 540-387-2437 or contact teachers via email. If you have difficulty getting hold of anyone or need special assistance, my personal cell phone number is 540-389-2610, and you are welcome to give me a call.  Keeping you informed is of utmost importance to us.

There’s a message we’re telling our faculty that we also want our students and families to hear: We are going to take this journey one step at a time.  Along the way, there will be bumps. At times, the things we try won’t work the way we hoped. With patience and hard work, though, we’re going to do great things! 

Our first priority as a faculty is connecting with young people.  Teachers are going to start doing that this week.  

We want to make sure all students have internet access.  If you know someone who has limited internet access, please visit and share the information there with them.  This site has details about getting free Comcast internet and a map showing where hotspots are located throughout Salem.  

We are using a modified schedule found here.

In our division, this school year’s number one goal is to provide connection, stability, and hope for kids.  We are honored to be able to play this role in the lives of young people. Student learning and student growth will be our very important secondary goals.

We know we must ease everybody into this new mode of learning.  Most teachers will begin by reviewing previously learned content.  Grading and assigning points to student work will not be our first priority.  Rather, we will create activities that provide meaningful feedback so we can analyze individual student strengths and help students grow.  The quantity of content learned will not be the same as in a normal setting, but that doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice quality.

Students – should your Chromebook break or have a problem, please call the Salem City Schools Tech Hotline at 444-0838 for help.

Here is a link to the bus delivery routes:

As daunting as this situation is, there is a part of me that just can’t wait to see what kind of amazing things grow out of it.  Our teachers are innovators, and innovators find ways to rise above the hurdles they face. And, thankfully, our innovative teachers aren’t operating within a vacuum.  They are teaching in the most supportive community imaginable – Salem, Virginia. 

Thank you for the many ways you support the schools, and thank you in advance for all the support you will provide moving forward.  I don’t know what all we will encounter in the coming weeks, but I know there is no community I would rather go through this time with than the citizens of Salem.

You are loved and you are appreciated,
Scott Habeeb

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Parents and guardians may view their student’s current grades at any time during the school year by visiting our parent portal.

Virginia Department of Education: School Quality ProfilesThe Virginia Department of Education has produced a short video to help acquaint with the new School Quality Profiles.  The Video may be found on the Virginia Department of Education’s YouTube Channel.