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Progress Reports were sent home on November 13th.  Please note that these are not report cards but are simply one tool that we use to communicate grades home.  These grades will not be on student’s transcripts and will not be averaged with other grades.  These are merely “snapshots” of your student’s progress as of November 13.

Parents and guardians may view their child’s current grades at any time during the school year by visiting the parent portal.


Important Information for the 2018-2019 School Year

  • Information Dissemination Opt-Out Form
  • In an effort to reduce the hazard of dropping off children at Salem High School the following procedures are in effect. All morning traffic will be channeled into two lanes immediately in front of the High School. The right lane (the lane closest to the school) is the drop off lane. Pull your vehicle parallel to the curb and have student(s) exit the vehicle. You are not allowed to park here, so have student(s) ready to exit. Do not block traffic by allowing student(s) to get book bags out of trunks, writing checks, switching drivers, or any last minute instructions. This lane must continue to move. After dropping off your student(s), move your vehicle into the left lane and prepare to merge into one lane. The left lane is for through traffic. This lane is not to be used for dropping off students. Caution must be used to merge into one lane in order to exit the school grounds.

Virginia Department of Education: School Quality ProfilesThe Virginia Department of Education has produced a short video to help acquaint with the new School Quality Profiles.  The Video may be found on the Virginia Department of Education’s YouTube Channel.